Designers making their marque on the fashion scene

Can you tell Chloé from Céline? Would you recognise if a handbag was from Mulberry, Miu Miu or Marc Jacobs if you spotted it on the train? What about a print? If you saw a woman walk into a restaurant wearing a Frankenstein T-shirt, would you be able to identify the designer’s signature? What about a sweater bearing a fang-baring Rottweiler?Taken literally, a “designer label” is just that. A logo, monogram or motif that is the marque of the fashion house in question. But it is so much more to those who care,Its not just the color of the dress that you should be concerned about bunny girl dresses the overall design of the dress as well. it is a symbol that the wearer is au fait with the world of fashion.

A digital photographic print, an illustration or even an abstract pattern can be easily identified as belonging to a particular designer in the days of catwalk streaming and style-obsessed blogger culture.You can get peplum dresses in all kinds of prints and fabricsthigh highs wholesale one colour blocks to contrast colours to stripes.London designer Holly Fulton has built her name on the back of her distinctive print designs influenced by Art Deco’s swirly precision and Sixties modernism artfully interwoven with motifs such as red lipsticks and smoking guns. In recent collections Fulton has drawn all the patterns by hand, then manipulatedthem digitally to fit on to the garments, having expanded such images into 3D embellishment.

She explains why print became such an important theme – particularly in the collections of London-based designers: “I think it allows designers more scope to create something unique witAny jewelry item you want just visit a fashion hot girls wearing sexy catwoman costumes store and to save time go for online cheap costume jewelry stores that provide with reasonable jewelry matching to any kind of a dress.h their handwriting.“Many avenues have been exhausted in terms of cutting and it’s harder to innovate in that field,Look for jewelry wholesalers because they help to provide with discounted hot schoolgirl to the customers.A guy can look for different kinds of ornaments to make his sweetheart look like a real life princess. whereas pattern lets you do something specific to forge and develop an individual visual style and identity.”Fulton adds that in terms of methods, “digital print is an ideal medium for the translation of this; it has opened up the scope and range of base and finishes available to designers and essentially changed the nature of the way print is used within fashion.It is said that a house is only as solid as the foundation on which it was built sexyschoolgirl as for your shoes you should also take steps to protect your soles.”

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